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We are doing a remodel of our kitchen and she did a wonderful job of making the house shine in spite of all the clutter and sheet rock dust. She suggested a barrier at the hall way entrance to keep the mess from the bedroom wing and even put it up. I was very pleased at the beginning and continue to be. Excellent worker and keeps to her high standards with a cheerful attitude. I highly recommend her. Brenda P

What a great way to kick off spring. I know it was the answer to my way overdue needs. With a friendly business manor and very efficient work habits. A great way to get rid of the winter blues. The organization that I have put off due to an illness in the family will eventually be back on track. With the everyday stuff under control I can get the bigger projects done. Give yourself a break and call A CUSTOM CLEANER it's liberating!!!!   Deborah R

Great job! Every little detail was taken care of throughout our home! Love coming in to a clean house. Looking forward to our regular schedule to keep things looking great! Thanks so much!  Beth B

Professional, thorough, trustworthy, and friendly. A Custom Cleaner LLC is an outstanding local business that excels in every way.  Elizabeth B

If you look in the dictionary under EXCELLENCE, you will find ACustomCleaner. Unbelievable attention to detail on a consistent basis. Trustworthy, Dependable and affordable; if you are in the market, give them a call!  LeeAnn N